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ISO Drums
Rheem’s “W” style drum with a drum body configuration consisting of two shallow beads, both with one deep inverted corrugation on each side of the bead (sunken bead or W-hoop). Three additional shallow corrugations are recommended for lighter body gauges.
These drums fit perfectly in ISO transport containers, and being used for shipping and storing chemicals, paints, petroleum products, food products, liquors, detergent liquids and similar products for both domestic and export markets.

The advantages of ISO (“W” style) drums are:
  • International acceptance
  • The vacuum resistance of the "W" style drum is superior to conventional drums with standard corrugators, excellent for hot filling and cold storage
  • "W" style drum has the same stacking strength drum body configuration as a conventional drum.
  • Storage space savings due to exceptional stack stability
  • Maximum drum diameter of 583 mm, make it possible to store four drums in line – over the width – of an ISO shipping container (80 drums can be loaded in a 20 foot shipping container)
  • Less transport damage because the beads do not protrude outside the seam diameter
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